Top things to do in Normandy #1


When Aubert, the former bishop of Avranches decided he wanted to build a sanctuary in honor of the archangel Michael on Mont-Tombe, he probably didn’t know at the time that he has laid the foundation for something big. This was the start of the impressive history how this cute little village, surrounded by the tides of the atlantic ocean and with a giant church on top, started. Now you can see the massive stonewalls that defied even the attacks of the English in times of the one-hundred-year war. In it’s past it’s been a monastery, as well as a prison afterwards and now it’s restored so well, that it’s definitely worth a visit. Before you start the tour there are plenty of cute little shops to browse through and buy local products of beautiful Normandy. On the tour you can see amongst other things a great hall, a chapel, an abbey church and so on.

Already caught your interest? Then let’s talk money now. Lucky me didn’t have to pay for the tour because I’m under the age of twenty-five and a European citizen. For all the others it would be only 10€, so totally affordable. The car park, which is about 30 minutes away costs 12€, but the good thing is that there’s a free bus bringing you right to the entrance, leaving about every quarter of an hour. The bus is the easiest and most comfortable way to get there, but I can surely recommend taking a nice walk over the bridge, where you can enjoy nice views on the sea, while the abbey is getting closer and closer into sight. My top advice I can share with you is to look for a place to stay and eat somewhere a little bit outside the village, because the prizes inside are hilariously high. Otherwise, I can just encourage everyone who’s interested in those sort of stunning historical places to go there and form an opinion themselves.






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