Top Things to do in Normandy #2


One of the amazing benefits of this part of Normandy is that it’s surrounded by the atlantic ocean. Should you ever go to Granville, and I believe you should totally do it, make sure to take a long refreshing walk along the coastline. But of course that’s not the only thing it has to offer. I could now tell you a lot about the history of this place, everything that happened at this paticular place during the war and how it got this big in the end, but to be honest, if you’re really interested in these things, Google is your best friend. Instead of that I want to tell you about the things I enjoyed the most from my visit.

First of all, I’m a sucker for cute narrow streets, with old stone-buildings and colourful but rustical doors and window shatters, so this place was like it was made for me. As I was walking along the pavewalk, the sea to my right and the houses to my left side, I spotted doors and window shatters in a deep shining blue, the kind you could get lost in, in a strong warm red and the classical but chique white. Like the colours of the flag. Apart from those colours I also saw quite some green, that harmonated wonderfully with the nice scenery. I imagined how I would also want to have a house with coloured window shatters and nice ornaments on the door. Talking about pretty houses, I have another one for you.


The Christian Dior House

Honestly, this man is more than just someone who created nice parfum scents. He changed the whole fashionworld after the second world war. And even if you don’t care a bit about fashion or beauty or anything like that, you will love this pink house. I mean, it’s a pink house. Not to forget the wonderful gardens, that unfortunately are having a rough time with the location they’re set on, because it’s rather windy. From the gardens, again, you have this beautiful view over the sea and the city. In the house there’s also a museum, which I didn’t get to see because it’s closed until April. A typical thing about France, things are never open when you want them to be. Like the numerous second hand bookshops. I raised my hopes too early, because I would’ve loved that, but maybe I’m more lucky next time.


Where to eat?

It’s impossible to say the place where I had my lunch is the best in Granville, because it’s the only one I’ve been to, but still I’m sure it’s on the top of the list. Curious? It’s called the Picorette and has it’s own special charme. Black from the outside, which just looks stunning, beautiful grey walls on the inside with modern black and white photography and colourful art hanging on them, and wooden tables. Not interested in the looks of a restaurant? Well, I have to admit, it’s by far not the most important part, but I always notice little things like this. Even the glasses, the cluttery and the restroom were beautiful. But let’s talk about the most important thing: the FOOD. Obviously, this food was more photogenic than me. And it tasted really good. They always have just 3 or 4 main courses to pick from, because quality over quantity, right? At the other hand, their tea selection is huge and it’s hard to decide for only one. All in one, a great recommendation from my side! Both for the restaurant and the town itself!





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