Hallå Sverige – trevligt att träffas

Hello Sweden, nice to meet you. After a whole month in the south of beautiful Sweden I had to kiss goodbye a lot of lovely people, that were strangers at the beginning but that I now consider a far-away family. My time here has just been magical and I can’t put into words how much I’ve grown as a human being by just being at this wonderful place and living with a community. Still, I’m gonna try to sum up my experience for you to read.

What have I been doing for the past month?

As some of you may already know I did another workaway. It was situated in a small village called Uddebo, about a two hours car ride from Gothenborg.  Unlike other places in Sweden, at least from what I’ve heard, people here are „crazier“, which means just that they live a little more alternative lifestyle than the majority. That’s the reason for the locals of surrounding areas calling it the „Hippie-village“. Anyway, our mission there was to renovate the future house of our host Fabian so it involved a lot of hard work like wood chopping, painting ceilings, working with glass and so on. The weather’s been super hot so it was true physically tiring work and we sometimes had to deal with quite some pressure and critizism to be honest. Life is simply not just perfect sunshine all the time. But in the end it was so rewarding and worth it because we learned a lot and when we were done with our daily 5 hours we were free to do whatever we’d like to do. And there were a ton of things to do. Just to name a few: workshops on drumming, doing yoga, dancing around, jamming together, cooking together, playing volleyball or football or tennis, riding our bikes to the nearest town or to the lake, chasing sunsets, going kanuying, enjoying the sauna and jumping into the ice cold river afterwards and so and on and on.




As much as I adored my experience it may not be for everyone. Living in a Community is a experience so different from what everyday life feels like to me and probably also to most of you people who read this. You gotta change your mindset and behaviour from yourself being in the centre to sharing everything with a bunch of people. A bunch of people sounds so downgrading for the amazing human beings I have met during my stay here. Every single one of them is so precious and unique and I’m glad I met them and many of them will forever stay in my heart. That’s why I did not mind sharing a bathroom, a kitchen, even a bedroom with them all. When someone was cooking, he or she always cooked for everyone who wanted something, or when someone was going to the shops, making tea, heating the sauna, just everything. You know just caring for each other instead of just caring for oneself. Personally, I loved it to be surrounded with all those positively sparkling people all the time even if I’m a person that needs some privacy and me-time now and then. And nobody ever said that’s impossible. You can always just take some time for yourself if you feel like you need it, I also did that. I took my book and went for a walk, sat somewhere and read for an hour or two. I think that is important but I couldn’t ever do it for too long because I was so used to being surrounded by people constantly that I missed them when they were gone for a few hours only.


That scared me most about going home probably, where I have do adapt to being alone for the majority of time again. But lucky me didn’t have much time to overthink or be lonely because just one day after I arrived at home my next journey started. It was a bit of a hustle but I’m gonna visit the FM4 Frequency Festival with my boys and I’m so looking forward to it! Back to the point, I’m very happy that I took this chance. Unbelievably happy. Really fucking happy. Sweden was adorable and I definitely wanna go back somethere and explore more places, not only in Sweden but in Scandinavia in general.

What’s next?

Now that I’m back home there’s a new chapter of my life waiting for me to live it to the fullest. I will move out of my parent’s house and live on my own for the first time in my life. Well not all alone, but with two cute girls that I’m glad to call my flatmates. Vienna it is, a big big city in the eyes from a countryside-girl. Anyway, I’ll tell you all about my upcoming plans in another blogpost. Stay tuned. xx

PS.: I got loads of pictures that I want to show you, but that will come in a seperate post. 🙂


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