Oh Vienna – life update

I guess I can FINALLY say I arrived. The last few months have been the start of a new chapter of my life. I moved out of my parents and not only that, I moved to Vienna. Coming from the countryside it’s just a huge difference that took some time to adjust. I mean of course many people do this at this time of their life but it’s still a great step for me and  I can officially and without a doubt say that I’ve fallen in love with the city. And with my flat. And with my studies including the people I’ve met there so far. It’s been over 2 months now and I feel so fullfilled. Living on your own for the first time is a challenge for sure but so far I’m doing good.

I wanna give you a little room-tour because I adore my room. This also took some time and work, but slowly everything came together. Introducing more framed pictures, my little plant-babies and other small details every now and then until I got to a point where I feel very well in here.

The title-pic shows my favourite corner of the room. I used to strongly dislike the red couch but now I learned to love it because it gives my room a bit more colour. On the wall I have framed pictures of my travels but so far only Paris, Barcelona and Bali. I’m really looking forward to extending my picture-wall. I adore the carpet, my little coffee table and the old chair. #ohsovintage And not to forget the old windows, because I enjoy sitting on the window sill quite a lot.



Next part, which obviously is also one of my favourites because of my bed haha. The arras (yes I had to google this word) makes it so homely and the dresser is highly organized to make my jewerly and my plant shine as bright as possible. Ignore my beer in the corner and please please ignore that it’s Schwechater, so sorry. But what’s a room without a stash of beer anyway, right?


Lastly, not too impressing, my work-space. But I seriously love the desk lamp, my second plant-baby, the pictures of my friends and the grid on the wall where I still have to pin some cute polaroid pics and important notes.

I can now pretend that I hope you love it as much as I do, but honestly I don’t mind your opinion as long as I feel content in my own four walls. You might think that I’m crazy for making decorating a room such a high priority but I guess I got a little Schmidt in me (New Girl reference). Anyway, I hope you enjoy the rest of your sunday and forgive me for the shitty quality phone pics. 🙂

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