moments of happiness 2018

How fast did this year pass? It’s insane! Without any doubt I can say it was one of my favourite ones so far. Because I’m extremely grateful for all that happened this year I wanna share some little moments of happiness with you. Maybe you will do the same, because is there anything better than to indulge in nostalgia?

01/02/18 – Reuniting with my babe Leni. We’ve been such good friends when we’ve been about 14  and then we kinda lost touch without a major reason but I was so delighted when she entered my life again. So much love for you girl!

06/02/18 – Flying to France to have a wonderful month of working in a Bed & Breakfast and seeing snowy Paris afterwards. Enjoyed every minute of it.

03/03/18 – Spending my 19th Birthday in Barcelona with some amazing people. Cuddling in bed, doing Yoga, going to a huge flea market, having a picnic in the park. Such a wonderful memory.

02/04/18 – Goodbye Europe for a month with my favourite cousin. Bali was one of the best trips this year.

07/05/18 – A day of pure happiness. Honestly I don’t even remember what I did on that day but according to my journal I was incredibly grateful for QUOTE „being the luckiest little motherfucker in this universe“ haha.

30/05/18 – Having a yummy vegan picnic with one of my friends who I see way to rarely. Miss this crazy girl and her little boy Filou.

09/06/18 – Not a special trip, just a day I felt pure bliss for no particular reason. I was at the bubble days in Linz with my friends aka my gang aka my second family.

13/06/18 – Just a regular work day but after work I strolled Linz with a friend and then I came home to watch Prison Break with my cousin. I’ve been spending the whole month at her place and we got along so good and I’m very happy to have her in my life.

11/07/18 – I gotta stop just listing trips I know, but Sweden has to be on this list! I met so so so many beautiful people, I can’t describe in words.

15/08/18 – Everyone who knows me knows I love festivals in a way that’s not to be described. And this one was a very special one! 😉

13/09/18 – Moving into my new flat. Got a whole extra post about this here.

01/10/18 – First day of university. All alone I sat in the last row of this huge lecture hall because I was late, haha. But then things took a turn and I met some people that I now, only three months after call my close friends. I seriously landed the best deal with those uni-buddies.

21/10/18 – Butterflies.

22/11/18 – Very spontaneous concert in Prague. I’ve never been there before and to be honest I haven’t seen much of the cities most important sights or anything but I couldn’t care less because first of all I will definitely come back there and secondly the concert was amazing and I had the best company.

25/11/18 – Not just a party of a friend, no much more than that.

18/12/18 – another spontaneous trip with my favourite girl to my favourite city. Barcelonaaa ❤

24/12/18 – My favourite day of the year, not only this year but every year. I’m just a huge sucker for christmas and a hopeless romantic.


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