How Instagram fucks with all of us

I know you guys haven’t heard much of me lately, neither on the blog nor on instagram. I’ve been in a bit of an uninspired pit the last few weeks because for one reason it was exam phase in university and for the other reason I was living inside my head a lot and raging against quite some things in this world that go so horribly wrong. Ironically, Instagram is one of it. In order to be able to really focus on my exams I deleted it from my phone for two weeks. Not hell of a long time but it changed something in me. It made me conceive how and why I use social media a whole lot different. Here’s what I figured out for now.

Everyone’s life is better on Instagram

One thing that I’ve been clear about for a while already but I can’t stress enough for the people who still compare their own lifes to the ones of popular influencer: Instagram is not real life! Sound legit, huh? Nevertheless our body and mind reacts to the images we expose it to daily. Seeing pictures of bodies that our society describes as „perfect“ although there’s no such thing, every damn day, fucks with us, even if it’s only subconscious. All the pictures titled with „I woke up like this“ have a 98% of the people not really waking up like this but want you to think they do, because what more important thing is there than being beautiful? (I’ve not done research on the percentage used here, I’m just tryna prove a point, you get me.) Whatever you see, it’s always the sunny side of the person’s life and even of that only a small part of their everyday life and their personality. And it makes sense of course, why would I post pictures where I feel miserable? We’re talking about Instagram, not Tumblr, where it’s so cool and edgy to be depressed. To come back to my point, most of the pictures of „important“ Instagramers are staged, not real. They have good lightning, a whole ton of editing und fortunate poses. Which I say again is absolutely not a bad thing but you play the important role of not letting these images get to your head. Always remember it is not real life!

It’s superficial af

Don’t get me wrong, not everything is bad, like not everything is black and white, but we’ll get to that. It’s just that I noticed over years how people define their worth over likes. If you post a selfie and you’re not getting quite as many likes as you usually would has nothing to do with how gorgeous you look, more likely it comes from the algorithm. But still so many people are getting upset about it. What I also noticed, why I used the world superficial to describe this phenomenon is that you get way less likes for anything that doesn’t correlate with beauty. I mean every account is different but what I saw from my personal profile is this: when I post poetry that really speaks to me, or food that I enjoyed so much or literally anything that is neither my face nor my body, people are bored out by it. It gives a tiny little peak into my personality but who the hell would care about that? Much more important is if I look good and have cool clothes. The pictures in my feed with the most likes are the ones were I wear the least clothes, though. What I find sad too is that the first things that come up when you search for Instagram for let’s say Pinterest or something are things like that: „How to get 10k followers in 4 weeks“ or „7 tips for the perfect instagram profile“ or in my opinion the most ridiculous „How to get Instagram famous in 2019“. I understand, some people actually do this as a job and striving for more followers is the same as striving for a promotion in any other job, but I’m talking about the ones who don’t do it for a job. Who do it for „fun“ but really it is just work and makes you feel like you’re any less than you actually are. I can tell you, you’re not! Anyway, my pledge to you is, if you by chance still feel like likes or followers or any of those numbers are significant, stop doing it right now. It’s always easier said than done, but give it a try. I’ve been affected by those things in the past and I’m sure for a part am still subconsciously affected by it, but giving less fucks really increased my life. 🙂

Instagram brings so many chances 

There are always two sides to a story, in fact there are always innumerable different perspectives to look at something and there’s no sense in denying the fact that Instagram can bring chances. If you wanna start a start-up, if you want to make music, art, photography or whatever it is that sparks your fire and wanna share your artistry with the world, this is the platform for you! You can let your creativity run wild there. Plus you can use your reach to promote a good message. I personally am following a lot of what I like to call them „Sinnfluencers“. Which comes together from the german word „Sinn“ which means „meaning“ and the world „influencer“ (obviously). Mostly people who are talking and writing about self-love, body-positivity, sustainable living, animal welfare and who adress political or societal issues. Or I also really like to follow tattoo artists or other artists of all kinds. This way my chances of senselessly scrolling like a zombie without getting an benefit from it are minimized, because what I see has a deeper meaning and makes me think. What it is for you is all up to you of course, but if you wanna take my advice I’d say check the accounts you’ve subscribed and maybe sort out a litte, so you only got left what you feel enriches your life in a way.

How am I gonna proceed? 

After deleting it I felt genuinely free so I thought for a few moments maybe I’m just gonna leave it and not download it again but then I thought about the sunny sides. How many nice people I’ve got to knew trough the platform, how I still keep in touch with some people I met on travels, how I have a little overview of what is going on in everyone’s life and how I want to promote a good image, even though my reach is rather small. I have a voice and social media is the easiest tool to let people hear it and I won’t miss that right. So I’m gonna keep it for now, I’m gonna just post whatever whenever I like, follow people who expand my horizons and connect with people I meet along the way. I’m gonna use it for all the good things it is and still always have the thought in the back of my head that it has nothing to do with real life and that real life always has first priority.

Hope I made you think a little, but as always, that is only my opinion and you may or may not identify with my perspective and either way it’s okay. I just wanted to let you know what positives effects my 2-week-break had on me and how it changed my attitude towards social media. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

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