Why it’s okay to block people on social media

I have not sat down to write a blog post in like forever but this thing is burning on my chest and I need to get it off somehow, since it seems to fall on numb ears every time.

It is okay to block people on social media! This is my humble opinion, so if you do not agree, that’s fine, but also I really don’t care. I just wanna take away the negative stigma that still has its stance when it comes to blocking people.

First of all, me deciding I don’t want to see your content anymore is not always a personal thing. It can be, sure, but it doesn’t have to. There can be so many triggers in a post you don’t even realize. I am not saying you do them intentionally and because of that you are a bad person. All I am saying is your posts, stories, words, whatever can have an impact and it is often not in your power to decide whether that impact is negative or positive upon the viewers. Why not just unfollow then? Sometimes it is just not enough. Sometimes you have to keep yourself from excessively checking someones profile or you have to gain some distance. And that is okay. You have the power to create an environment that benefits you instead of being bad for your mental health. Use that power wisely, even if it means to block someone. I, as an example, once blocked a very good friend of mine because we had a fight and it was hard for me to see how unaffected she seemed to be about it. I had to cut myself off to reduce my suffering. After a few weeks we made up and I explained my reasons why I blocked her. Instead of getting mad and calling me childish or petty she was understanding and we went on with our lifes and our friendship. Easy peasy. Another time I blocked my ex boyfriend after the break-up. I don’t hate him, I just wanted closure. As simple as that.

A second reason to block someone, that I have definitely also done before, is gaining privacy. Since I do not have a private account everyone can see my posts. That is a decision that I made. I have no problem with random strangers looking at my photos on instagram or my videos on tiktok or whatever. However, I do have a problem with certain people, whether I know them well or not, making assumptions about my life in a negative light. This went as far to where it actually interfered with my life and I was not gonna let that happen. If you can not mind your own business, you lose the priviledge to have even the tiniest insight in mine. Of course, I have no power over what others think of me and I shouldn’t even care. But if you use that 10% of my life that I share online as an excuse to spread your poison, you’ll be seeing 0% from then on. I must add, if you want one certain person out of your life, this often spreads to their friends. If you have absolutely no problems with the other people in the circle of that one specific person, sometimes you still have to go that extra mile and block all of them. Because sadly, some people really are so interested and invested in your life for some reason, that they go out of their way to check your profile from other people’s phones.

Last but not least, the most unproblematic and problematic block at the same time. If random strangers, in my case men, slide into your DM’s and ask you out and won’t take no for an answer. Sometimes they spam you with compliments and won’t stop no matter how many times you’ve asked. Another option that happens quite a lot to me is when they’re tiny fragile ego gets hurt and as a result they start to insult you. Or, in the worst case, send you unsolicited inappropriate pictures. So do not ever feel bad for blocking these kind of people. Even better, if they really take it too far, report them. You don’t owe them anything.

I pledge to all of you out there to think more before talking or acting in a poor way because you might have been blocked by someone. Whatever the reason may be, please just take a step back and think about it before raging against the person that blocked you. I guarantee they had their reasons. Maybe you triggered them in some way, which, as I said is not always your intention and you don’t have to feel bad about it. Maybe you share a group of friends with someone they want to hide their life from because it’s affecting them negatively. Maybe they just moved on from you because people grow and change and that is only natural. If you go into yourself and reflect for a moment and you find it could be those reasons, don’t pressure yourself. If you come to realize though, that you have behaved poorly and have interfered in that person’s life in a way that harmed them, get better!

40 day vegan challenge

Happy Easter everyone! 40 days of „fasting“ are over for me. Some people are fasting  sugar or carbs or are trying to spend less time watching television or whatever in the period from ash wednesday to easter sunday. This year I decided to participate, not for religious reasons, just because it was great timing. Thinking back 40 days I wasn’t happy at all with my condition and at the same time I was really into documentaries that opened my eyes in so many ways. So my conclusion was that the best thing to do is to try a vegan diet for 40 days and here’s my 100% transparent and genuine review. 🙂 „40 day vegan challenge“ weiterlesen

Food for thought – 5 documentaries on Netflix

Netflix – the TV of our generation;

Most people I know, including myself, are guilty of using Netflix for entertainment. Maybe guilty is the wrong word here, because that is like the whole sense of Netflix, to entertain, isn’t it? Sure, it’s great to come home from work or uni or school and put your feet up, watch something that doesn’t demand too much attention or thinking and just relax. I genuinely like that a lot! And I’m a bit of a series-junkie myself, because series are just the BEST, am I right? Following the same characters, picking your favourite, betting on what’s gonna happen; so thrilling. But today’s post is not about fiction, it’s about real life happenings. A while ago I promised myself to not be a lazy sack of potatoes and just watch what is easiest or funniest but get into documentaries a bit. I mean Netflix has loads of them on literally every topic you could think of and they’re educational and still have a story that is entertaining. So I thought about my interests and found a few things to watch, which I did and now recommend to you!

What the health

We never really know what is inside of our food, do we? We believe what the packaging or the adverts tell us, or maybe we don’t even believe it but we don’t care enough to do further investigation of it ourselves. Isn’t that ridiculous, that it is not important enough for us? I mean we’re talking about the things we put in our body. Nutrition is like one of the biggest factors to obtain a good level of health. I watched what the health and I thought it was very interesting, I learned things I never knew before and it changed my diet in a way that I’m very thankful for today. I’m not the most „clean-eating“ person myself but at least I care and I try my best most of the time. This documentary is just stating some facts that may make you think about what to put in your body and what not or in what quantities. You really should watch it, if you ask me.


This one’s about the main cause of the earths bad condition and even though I care a lot about the environment, try to avoid plastic whenever I get the chance and I already stopped eating meat for mostly that reason, I still consume dairy and fish. I mean what I do already makes a huge difference and everyone should celebrate every little step they take in direction of an environmentally friendly life, but I still felt bad after seeing this. The main cause for climate change is animal agriculture, that is a fact you can’t deny, but it’s kept secret from the biggest environmental organizations like Greenpeace and so on. Why? Because people don’t like others telling them they should change their daily behavior and that would have the effect of people not wanting to donate to an organization that tells them so. That’s why so many people don’t even know about this issue. I’m not telling you guys what to do either but I highly recommend watching this documentary because it’s real food for thought!



I’m a huge sucker for the ocean lately. It always makes me happy when I’m at the sea but most of the times I don’t think further about how amazing it actually is. How immense, how endless and how many interesting animals live there. I found the documentary Blackfish per accident and decided to watch it because it’s about orkas and they are freaking cool animals from what I’ve known before. It wasn’t only about the whales themselves but also about how seaworld existed as an attraction and how so many people paid to see killer-whales do tricks with human beings in a tank that is WAY (like really waaaay) too small for their size, compared to the big wide ocean. It also explains the manipulation of the trainers that worked there, how most of them didn’t realize how wrong their job, that they just loved and worthshipped, actually was. I don’t want to spoiler too much so if you’re interested in that sort of thing you should definitely go check it out.


A Plastic Ocean

Another thing about the ocean again, because as I said, how cool is it? What is not cool at all is how the conditions of what’s in the ocean have changed. Because logically you would think it’s fish and other sea animals, right? Well yes, but also a fucking lot of plastic. I’m talking LOADS. That’s why I watched A plastic Ocean and it was truly shocking. I have no words for it other that I knew it was bad but I’ve never seen it in that way. Microplastics going into the stomach of all kinds of sea animals or even in birds, I tell you that is not pretty to watch, but it is so necessary! I recommend this documentary, next to cowspiracy, most because it’s not only informative and interesting but also makes you change your own mindset in the easiest way possible and we all know that humans like to take the easiest way. Please just watch those two because they made me realize once again how important it is to live as sustainable as possible. And both of them made me challenge my own mind to think about consuming fish, as I already said. After seeing this one it doesn’t sound that yummy anymore, with all that microplastic that I’d be eating when eating the fish.

Ted Bundy – self portrait of a serial killer

How did this end up here some might ask themselves, haha. Yeah, I do enjoy educating myself in different fields, like nutrition or pollution or everything that helps you live a more conscious lifestyle but at the same time I just love mystery and crime. Well that sounds wrong. I don’t love crime, I like learning about it. Series, movies, books about investigating a crime are my favourite but when I saw that there was a documentary about a real life serial killer on Netflix I thought, why the hell not? It is a truly horrible story and it doesn’t pass me without hurting hearing what this man has done to so many women, nevertheless it’s interesting. The whole background story and his own perspective is just something I haven’t heard about before, even though I learned about Ted Bundy in school. So I started watching it and I like it even though I’m not yet finished. If you’re interested in that sorta thing you sure know what to do.


That’s it, that is the five most recent documentaries I’ve seen and I’m for sure gonna continue searching for more that appeal to me and when I’ve found them and watched them I’ll let you know. Also please let me know if you’ve seen any of them already or if you’re planning to do so now and what’s your opinion on them. And as always, recommendations of others are more than welcome. 🙂

> I do not own the pictures in this blogpost <

How Instagram fucks with all of us

I know you guys haven’t heard much of me lately, neither on the blog nor on instagram. I’ve been in a bit of an uninspired pit the last few weeks because for one reason it was exam phase in university and for the other reason I was living inside my head a lot and raging against quite some things in this world that go so horribly wrong. Ironically, Instagram is one of it. In order to be able to really focus on my exams I deleted it from my phone for two weeks. Not hell of a long time but it changed something in me. It made me conceive how and why I use social media a whole lot different. Here’s what I figured out for now.

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moments of happiness 2018

How fast did this year pass? It’s insane! Without any doubt I can say it was one of my favourite ones so far. Because I’m extremely grateful for all that happened this year I wanna share some little moments of happiness with you. Maybe you will do the same, because is there anything better than to indulge in nostalgia?

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Oh Vienna – life update

I guess I can FINALLY say I arrived. The last few months have been the start of a new chapter of my life. I moved out of my parents and not only that, I moved to Vienna. Coming from the countryside it’s just a huge difference that took some time to adjust. I mean of course many people do this at this time of their life but it’s still a great step for me and  I can officially and without a doubt say that I’ve fallen in love with the city. And with my flat. And with my studies including the people I’ve met there so far. It’s been over 2 months now and I feel so fullfilled. Living on your own for the first time is a challenge for sure but so far I’m doing good.

I wanna give you a little room-tour because I adore my room. This also took some time and work, but slowly everything came together. Introducing more framed pictures, my little plant-babies and other small details every now and then until I got to a point where I feel very well in here.

The title-pic shows my favourite corner of the room. I used to strongly dislike the red couch but now I learned to love it because it gives my room a bit more colour. On the wall I have framed pictures of my travels but so far only Paris, Barcelona and Bali. I’m really looking forward to extending my picture-wall. I adore the carpet, my little coffee table and the old chair. #ohsovintage And not to forget the old windows, because I enjoy sitting on the window sill quite a lot.



Next part, which obviously is also one of my favourites because of my bed haha. The arras (yes I had to google this word) makes it so homely and the dresser is highly organized to make my jewerly and my plant shine as bright as possible. Ignore my beer in the corner and please please ignore that it’s Schwechater, so sorry. But what’s a room without a stash of beer anyway, right?


Lastly, not too impressing, my work-space. But I seriously love the desk lamp, my second plant-baby, the pictures of my friends and the grid on the wall where I still have to pin some cute polaroid pics and important notes.

I can now pretend that I hope you love it as much as I do, but honestly I don’t mind your opinion as long as I feel content in my own four walls. You might think that I’m crazy for making decorating a room such a high priority but I guess I got a little Schmidt in me (New Girl reference). Anyway, I hope you enjoy the rest of your sunday and forgive me for the shitty quality phone pics. 🙂

1 year – 7 travel destinations

Isn’t life amazing? You wake up one day and realize you want more from life than hopping from one school to the other and then straight into work-life and that realization changes E V E R Y T H I N G. So as most of you know I took a year off after my gratuation to see some bits and pieces of the world and get to find myself in situations I never thought were possible. Where exactly I’ve been to, what I’ve done, how I have the money and time for that are the questions I still get the most from my followers. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to write a blogpost about my year, including all those informations. The other reason is because there’s no better thing than thinking back to those times and realizing what a lucky little f*cker I am. 🙂

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Postcards from Sweden

A little less conversation and a little more eye candy? Without wasting too much time using words to describe (okay actually I did that too in this blogpost but anyway) I want to show you the beauty of Sweden, especially the cute little village Uddebo and the People that I met there. No editing, no perfectionism, just real and raw footage of how my sweet sweet summer in Sweden looked like.

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Hallå Sverige – trevligt att träffas

Hello Sweden, nice to meet you. After a whole month in the south of beautiful Sweden I had to kiss goodbye a lot of lovely people, that were strangers at the beginning but that I now consider a far-away family. My time here has just been magical and I can’t put into words how much I’ve grown as a human being by just being at this wonderful place and living with a community. Still, I’m gonna try to sum up my experience for you to read.

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Halbzeit – Was ist aus meinen Plänen geworden?

So ihr Lieben, es ist der 1. Juli, das heißt die Hälfte des Jahres ist schonwieder um. Unglaublich wie schnell die Zeit wieder einmal vergangen ist. Es kommt mir vor als hätte ich gerade erst Silvester gefeiert. Wer von euch kann sich noch an meinen Blogpost von 02.Jänner erinnern? Niemand? Um ehrlich zu sein hätte sogar ich ihn fast vergessen. Es ging damals um meine Pläne, die ich mir für dieses Jahr vorgenommen habe. Falls ihr ihn noch nicht gesehen habt oder euer Gedächtnis auffrischen wollt – hier ist er.

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